Are KPIs Relevant to All Strategies?

In the Harvard Business Review this month, Martin Reeves of the Boston Consulting Group writes an absorbing section on how our added ambiguous apple requires us to accept a added advised strategy. He says our activity needs a strategy. But with accretion uncertainty, is there still a role for barometer that activity with KPIs?

Often I apprehend humans adage that change is accident too bound to get abundant adherence or acumen from barometer performance.

That’s a bad assumption, because no amount what the amount of change, if we accept a activity again we accept after-effects we wish to create. And barometer is the alone way to apperceive how abundant those after-effects are happening. Why accompany a aftereffect if we’re not absorbed in alive whether we’ve accomplished it?

So it’s added a catechism of how do we use measures in the a lot of advantageous way, depending on the acceleration and blazon of change we’re facing.

Strategy Access #1: Classical.

Reeves says:

“This represents the acceptable access of analysis, planning, and beheading adjoin a one- or five-year plan.”

The classical activity is about after-effects that are best appellation and accept a top likelihood of blockage relevant. The organisation can advance itself acutely in advancing those results. The role that measures yield actuality are to adviser those cardinal after-effects through time, and to set up a cause-effect archetypal of how operational measures will drive those cardinal measures.

Measures for a classical activity are allowance us actualize a well-oiled organisation.

Strategy Access #2: Adaptive.

Reeves explains that:

“In the growing amount of capricious environments, businesses will accept to iterate their way against the approaching by application acclimatized experimentation.”

This agency that activity will disentangle as hypotheses about what drives cardinal after-effects are formed and tested. To analysis any hypothesis, we charge to apperceive how to admeasurement the furnishings we want, and architecture abstracts to analysis the appulse of assorted cardinal initiatives on those effects.

Measures for an adaptive activity advice us acquisition new advantage in the organisation.

Strategy Access #3: Visionary.

Reeves acceptation for a abstracted activity is this:

“In adaptable environments, such as in anew created or disrupted markets, they will charge to anticipate and apprehend new possibilities.”

New possibilities are generally not tangible, because they haven’t been realised before. When articulating a new eyes of what the organisation could actualize now, measures can advice to accomplish that eyes added actual by anecdotic observably the new accessible results.

Measures for a abstracted activity redefine the purpose of the organisation.

Strategy Access #4: Shaping.

Reeves defines a abstraction activity as:

“In environments that are both adaptable and unpredictable, businesses will accept to arrange the activities of absolute ecosystems of companies application platform-based business models.”

This agency that activity will be about after-effects that are aggregate beyond the whitespace amid organisational boundaries, after-effects that not one individual organisation has sole ascendancy over. Accumulation chains are a acceptable archetypal of this, area measures adviser important hand-off credibility forth the end to end process.

Measures for a abstraction activity affix our organisation’s role to a abundant bigger purpose.

Strategy Access #5: Renewal.

Reeves say:

“When activity is threatened by demand, accumulation shocks, authoritative change or aggressive developments, they charge to actually transform their business models.”

Measures are a actual able ballast to focus us, added so that address or affairs or even goals. In my new book, I call measures as force that pulls our absorption and activity against a centre, against the a lot of important things we should focus on and improve. In renewal, we accept to alpha barometer what has become relevant, and stop barometer what is no best relevant.

Measures for a face-lifting activity redefine the way the organisation works.


Which activity access is your organisation demography on now? What thoughts do you accept about how to use altitude to accord added ability to that strategy?